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The Second Most Important Milestone Was The Manufacturing

In a nutshell, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or simply Bavarian Motor Works, and it is a world-renowned manufacturer of motorcycles, four-wheeled cars as well as airplane engines. BMW initially started as an engine-focused company that studied and tried to enhance the performance of engines as we all know them - slowly but surely, the company moved from basic motorcycle engines to airplane engines that would revolutionise air transport.

It was not until the late 1940s when BMW was back on track and it re-started its production of motorcycles and automobiles: BMW started to focus more on automobiles rather than motorcycles, given the high demand for four-wheeled cars. Most Important Milestones For BMW

The second most important milestone was the manufacturing of the first motorcycle carrying the BMW logo, the famous BMW R32, which took place in 1923. As mentioned above, BMW stopped manufacturing automobiles and motorcycles during WWII, and the first BMW automobile (the 501 model) was manufactured in 1951, which also marked the beginning of new and promising era for this automobile manufacturer.

In 1972, the BMW Motorsport GmbH was founded, and one year later, so was the renowned BMW museum along with the company's headquarters. Four years later, Rolls-Royce would come to the company, and one year after that the first automobile of the BMW X-series was manufactured. BMW Outside Of Germany

BMW opened its first manufacturing plant in South Africa back in the 1970s, and it quickly became one of the company's pillars, with tens of thousands of automobiles manufactured each year.
Natural disasters that can happen include the following: earthquakes, droughts, floods, mudslides, tsunami, tornadoes, extreme heat, volcanoes, and wildfires. Earthquakes

Earthquakes are the main cause of tsunamis and volcanic eruptions and can occur anywhere in the world. Drought

Sudden sweeping waters cause deaths of both humans and animals. Said waters bring about food shortages, as crops are destroyed in their wake. Landslides and Mudslides

These natural disasters usually occur on high grounds. The main cause of landslides is an earthquake, while mudslides are caused by long, heavy rains. Tsunami

Tsunamis involve water displacement from the lake, sea, or ocean. Under sea earthquake cause tsunamis. Tornadoes

Tornadoes can cause fatalities and mass destruction in their path. Extreme Heat
The cause of extreme heat is the increase in carbon in the environment that combines with the sun. Volcanoes

Active volcanoes are the most dangerous. The ash can cause problems to with air travel. Wildfires
Wildfires are unique natural disasters. Wildfires can be very dangerous to human lives, vegetation, and wildlife. 

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